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(UPDATING): NATO Carrying out Vast Syria Disinformation Campaign

Posted by satyrikon στο 19 Ιουλίου, 2012

Updates on Syria conflict + VoltaireNet’s June 2012 warning of vast NATO disinformation campaign now seemingly underway. (Latest updates at top)

UPDATED July 20, 2012 – AFP reports in their article, «Syria rebels control all Iraq-Syria border points: Iraq official,» that «Iraqi border guards had witnessed the Free Syrian Army take control of a border outpost, detain a Syrian army lieutenant colonel, and then cut off his arms and legs. Then they executed 22 Syrian soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers.»

These are tactics indicative of the United States’ El Salvadorian and Nicaraguan death squads operated under John Negroponte, who would later reuse these tactics in Iraq to foment a sectarian war to drain what was initially an effective Sunni-Shi’ia insurgency. Negroponte was joined by Robert Ford, who later became US Ambassador to Syria. Ford was working closely with Syrian «opposition» members until he was recalled in October of 2011.

Geopolitical analysts have noted much of the violence seen across Syria, admittedly funded, armed, and directed by foreign intelligence services, resembled what is called the «Salvador Option.» That is, violence directed by foreign intelligence services to create the maximum level of terror and destabilization possible. Extreme acts of barbarism are meant to shock populations into fear and submission – but ultimately betray any narrative involving «freedom fighters» and «democracy,» mentioning nothing of «human rights.»

That Syria’s borders are being attacked should be no surprise. The US CIA, British SAS, and Israeli Mossad have been operating along Syria’s borders for over a year, constructing camps, and coordinating weapons and funding. Along Iraq’s borders in particular, exists primarily the Al Anbar province, where the FSA has many sympathizers and serves as the base of power of Iraq’s current opposition.

UPDATED July 19, 2012 – Russia and China, representing a
collective population dwarfing that of the United States, the Gulf
States, and the European Union combined, have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution aimed at imposing sanctions, backed with threats of military intervention on Syria.

The vote, originally scheduled for Wednesday, was preceded by
suspiciously timed disinformation campaigns by Western media outlets –
first falsely portraying a Syrian security operation in Tremseh in the
Hama province as a «massacre
then attempting to portray Damascus as «falling to» NATO-backed «Free
Syrian Army» militants after a bomb killed several high ranking Syrian

Both disinformation campaigns aimed at panicking Russian and Chinese
stakeholders into pressuring their respective governments into a

Barring a UN mandate, NATO, Israel, and the Gulf States now face the
decision to either continue an intentional slow burn of Syrian society,
as planned in US policy think-tank Brookings Institution’s «Middle East Memo #21,» or unilateral military intervention based on yet another fabricated provocation.


UPDATE July 19, 2012 – For those still skeptical about the West,
Israel, and the Gulf State’s willingness to subvert and destroy nations
throughout the Middle East solely for self-serving purposes, using any
guise or lie necessary to accomplish their goals – readers are
encouraged to revisit this 2003 Guardian article titled, «Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot
where a fully detailed agenda of destabilizing and pitting nations
against each other was fully formulated. In fact, many of the dynamics
at play then, in 1956, can still be seen at work and being openly
manipulated by Western powers today.









Details regarding the latest version of this plot against Syria, and by extension, Iran, can be seen fully documented in Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker article, «The Redirection,» and US Brookings Institution’s «Which Path to Persia?» report (.pdf found here).


UPDATED July 19, 2012 – After over a year of suspicion and tacit confirmations that the US and Israel were behind the violence in Syria, Haaretz of Israel has now confirmed
that US and Israeli officials are planning strikes against Syrian
«weapon facilities,» citing the unfounded threat of «chemical weapons.»

This after a recent Washington Post article
confirming both US and Israeli intelligence are on Syria’s borders
overseeing and directing the arming and funding of the so-called «Free
Syrian Army» (FSA).

In reality, this week’s violence was a premeditated, concerted campaign
timed to pressure the UN Security Council and shake the support of
Russia and China ahead of a highly anticipated vote on sanctions.

Syria has in fact suffered years of instability and violent terrorist
campaigns in the past, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s assassination
of high ranking military officials, and still prevailed. It is unlikely
that Syria has reached a «turning point» in favor of the FSA who has yet
to gain a military victory on the battlefield and has been resigned to
terrorist tactics. Instead, Syria has reached a point where it will be
untenable for the West to continue portraying the FSA as «activists,»
«victims,» or «pro-democracy.»

This will play well into the now fully untied hands of the Syrian
military, which is why both the US and Israel are eager to justify at
least limited strikes on «weapons facilities,» in an effort to balk the
inevitable and merciless counter-stroke by the Syrian people against the
West’s campaign of armed subversion.

Readers should be aware of the prospect of a false flag chemical weapons attack
carried out by FSA terrorists, or their Western backers, in order to
justify an air campaign targeting Syrian military capabilities.

In Libya, after a similar psychological-operation against Tripoli
unfolded, and despite NATO deploying daily air strikes, the government
and people of Libya were able to hold out for months against NATO-armed
terrorist proxies, highlighting the limitations of this strategy of
convert subversion and warfare. Finding (or manufacturing) any excuse to
bridge the rampant covert destabilization in Syria with a more
conventional military operation is now NATO, Israel, and the Gulf
States’ top priority – and a prospect they are attempting to prepare the
public for with articles like that found in Haaretz.



UPDATE July 19, 2012 – Hezbollah leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has now stated, «there is a US-Israeli project against
Syria,» and that “the US and Israel consider Syria as a problem,
because Syria is a real supporter of resistance.” 

This echos Nasrallah’s statements in 2007, as reported in Seymour Hersh’s article «The Redirection,» 

«Nasrallah accused the Bush Administration of working with Israel to deliberately instigate fitna,
an Arabic word that is used to mean “insurrection and fragmentation
within Islam.” “In my opinion, there is a huge campaign through the
media throughout the world to put each side up against the other,” he
said. “I believe that all this is being run by American and Israeli
intelligence.” (He did not provide any specific evidence for this.) He
said that the U.S. war in Iraq had increased sectarian tensions, but
argued that Hezbollah had tried to prevent them from spreading into
Lebanon. (Sunni-Shiite confrontations increased, along with violence, in
the weeks after we talked.)» –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh 

Quite clearly the US and Israel are directly behind (and benefiting from) the violence now seen in Syria, with the Washington Post
as recently as this week admitting both the CIA & Israeli
intelligence are working with FSA rebels along Syria’s borders. The
summation of the FSA’s weapons and funding, admittedly directed into terrorist hands by the CIA, are primarily sourced from Saudi Arabia and Qatar – exactly as described would happen in Hersh’s 2007 article, «The Redirection

Clearly the violence in Syria from 2007 until present, is the result of
premeditated foreign subversion, betraying Western propaganda that a
«popular uprising» is taking place. And because the violence is a
creation and perpetuation of foreign powers – namely NATO, Israel, and
the Gulf States, this casts serious suspicion on these very powers
regarding the recent Damascus bombing targeting high level Syrian
military and intelligence officers.


UPDATE July 19, 2012 – After unconfirmed reports by nameless «US officials» that Syria was moving chemical weapons out of storage,
and now in the midst of a massive media disinformation campaign,
several leading «activist» Twitter accounts have been hysterically
warning about an «imminent» chemical attack by a «desperate regime.» The
US has repeatedly insinuated that any use of chemical weapons would
require either it, or Israel to militarily intervene.

In reality, it is NATO’s militant front that has the means (chemical weapons brought in from Libya),
the motivation (subsequently receiving military intervention on their
behalf), and a demonstrated willingness to carry out indiscriminate,
mass-casualty terrorist attacks as demonstrated by their months’ long bombing campaign (and here).



UPDATE July 19, 2012 – With confusion surrounding events in
Syria, there is now news of a bombing in Bulgaria involving buses full
of Israeli tourists. Before any investigation has been carried out,
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already placed the blame on Iran. Netanyahu is quoted as saying Israel, «would respond with force to Iranian terror.»


Similar attacks, but on a smaller scale, were carried out in Georgia and Thailand with all signs pointing not to Iran, but Israeli and US trained, armed, funded, and directed MEK terrorists.
Not only is the timing of the most recent attack in Bulgaria suspicious
– corresponding with a major push to destabilize Syria, but the rush to
judgement by Israeli officials seems all to conveniently assisting
Western, not Iranian objectives.

Hezbollah, often cited by the West and Israel as a proxy of Iran, has already denied any responsibility for the bombings stating, «our movement does not fight against tourists.»

It has been reported as early as 2007 that efforts to destabilize Syria
were aimed directly at undermining and inevitably attempting to
overthrow the government of Iran. This was written about at length in
Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker article, «The Redirection
and is a reoccurring theme throughout US policy papers.  Any move
against Syria inevitably involves Iran as part of the calculation for
the West which has been plotting regime change in both nations since at least 1991.



UPDATE July 18, 2012 – Remember when NATO began «Operation Mermaid Dawn» in August of 2011 against Tripoli, Libya, the Western press initially reported Qaddafi’s command structure either killed or captured. The initial effects of this propaganda devastated Libyans psychologically and the city of Tripoli fell almost overnight.

Photo: Qaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam «confirmed» to have been captured and ready to be transferred to the Hague by the illegitimate International Criminal Court, was actually very much free and leading efforts to drive out NATO backed Al Qaeda terrorists from Tripoli. After Western media sources attempted to portray Libya as «fallen,» fighting would rage on for months, with NATO literally flattening cities in an effort to match tactical reality with their wartime propaganda.


The next day it turned out that Qaddafi and his command structure was
very much intact and still fighting. The battle for Libya would stretch
on for many months more – with NATO forced to destroy entire cities with daily aerial bombardments to finally claim «victory.»

In Syria, NATO air support does not exist – and unless they can
psychologically defeat Syrians, and panic the world into believing
immediate foreign intervention is necessary, their latest «Mermaid Dawn»
moment in Syria will fail. In addition to false reports of «massive
defections» and «coups,» readers must be aware of false flag chemical attacks (or mere reports of them) that will serve as impetus for NATO to militarily intervene.


Editor’s Note: NATO has failed categorically to sell UNSC mandated military intervention to an increasingly unreceptive global public. With fighting reported in Damascus and the Western media and the so-called «Free Syrian Army» hailing it as the «final battle» despite zero tactical victories in nearly a year and a half of fighting, the stage is being set instead for a massive psychological operation.

Such an operation was warned against in mid-June by Thierry Meyssan – and provides a somber warning more pertinent now than ever. Please re-read, re-post, and re-tweet this following article – ensure that NATO’s «Mermaid Dawn» moment in Syria turns into a «Bay of Pigs» defeat instead.

Read Meyssan’s article, «NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign» here

Coat of arms of Syria -- the "Hawk of Qur...
Coat of arms of Syria — the «Hawk of Qureish» with shield of vertical tricolor of the national flag, holding a scroll with the words الجمهورية العربية السورية (Al-Jumhuriyah al-`Arabiyah as-Suriyah «The Syrian Arab Republic»). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

μέσω Land Destroyer: (UPDATING): NATO Carrying out Vast Syria Disinformation Campaign.

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