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New video of ‘Islamist’ public beheadings of ‘Assad loyalists’ surfaces in Syria (GRAPHIC CONTENT) — RT News

Posted by satyrikon στο 28 Ιουνίου, 2013

New video of ‘Islamist’ public beheadings of ‘Assad loyalists’ surfaces in Syria (GRAPHIC CONTENT)


A video purportedly showing an extrajudicial public beheading of two Bashar Assad loyalists has been uploaded onto the internet. Its authenticity has been verified by pro and anti-Assad sources, though it remains unclear who is behind the execution.

In the nine-minute clip, a group of several hundred people, including men, women and children stands around a hill, when the sentenced men, bound with ropes and wearing bags on their heads are led out. As the crowd closes in with shouts of Allah Akbar (“Glory to God!”) the two, who are wearing civilian clothes, are laid on the floor, and a bearded ‘executioner’ methodically saws through the throat of first one, then the other with a knife. The heads of the dead men are then placed on top of their bodies as the crowd continues to bay.

The phone-filmed video was uploaded on Wednesday to video-sharing site YouTube by Syrian Truth, a group that supports President Bashar Assad, which previously uncovered a clip of an anti-government fighter eating what appeared to be a human heart. According to the voices in the footage, it was shot in Khan al-Assal, near the city of Aleppo the north of the country.

The authenticity of the video was also endorsed by resources that have chiefly backed the rebels in the internal conflict that has lasted over two years – such as the UK-based Observatory for Human Rights and all4Syria.info, which moved to condemn its contents.

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Land Destroyer: US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy

Posted by satyrikon στο 13 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2012

US-Backed Terrorists in Syria Responsible for Ambassador’s Death in Libya.
 by Tony Cartalucci

September 13, 2012 – The US has sworn to «make pay» those responsible for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. In reality, those responsible for Stevens’ death are fully armed, funded, trained, and coordinating with NATO special forces in Libya, across North Africa, and in Syria.

Image: Ambassador Stevens (right, wearing a blue tie) had been in Benghazi, Libya since March 2011. He played a leading role in coordinating the violent subversion of Libya by listed terrorist organizations before being named «US Ambassador» to Libya. Despite Libya’s capital being located over 400 miles west in Tripoli, Stevens was based out of Benghazi, the 30 year epicenter of  terrorist extremism and Al Qaeda in Libya. Recent attacks on US embassies were designed to give «street credit» to sectarian extremists who are increasingly seen internationally as mercenary proxies of US-Saudi-Israeli foreign policy – Stevens’ death was most likely an accident.


No one will «pay» beyond perhaps a wedding party attacked by US drones, or a limited liquidation of select terrorist groups the US created and armed during 2011’s violent overthrow of the Libyan government. Meanwhile, US warships and Marines will swarm around Libya simply to fulfill Western public expectations that «something» will be done.

The embassy attacks were tacitly supported by the respective client-regimes recently installed by US political and military destabilization, and were designed to reestablish an adversarial narrative to counter growing public awareness of the US’ use of terrorist proxies, and specifically, Al Qaeda in nations like Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. We are now expected to believe that Egypt’s new dictator Mohamed Morsi, and the terrorists of Libya whom the US is right now arming and supporting in Syria, are once again our implacable enemies.

In all likelihood, those behind the attacks on the embassies intended the violence to be limited in scope, and without any high-profile deaths – designed simply to lend sorely lacking legitimacy to America’s growing list of client-states. Ambassador Stevens apparently was caught in smoke while escaping from the US consulate in Benghazi, and died of asphyxiation – a victim of unforeseen circumstances, not the victim of a targeted assassination. However, with a high ranking US diplomat dead in Libya, in Benghazi, the very den of Al Qaeda, leaves the United States and its foreign policy, especially in regards to Syria, in tatters.

US Support of Terrorism in Libya Stretches Back Three Decades

«The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed to be a classic CIA destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass Kaddafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.» –Newsweek, «A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi,» August 3, 1981

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Land Destroyer: US-Backed Terrorists Murder US’ Own Ambassador in Libya

Posted by satyrikon στο 13 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2012

Murdered US Ambassador exposes US «pro-democracy» foreign policy – same terrorists US backs in Syria are behind the murder of US Ambassador in Libya.
by Tony Cartalucci

Update: The picture below of John McCain in Benghazi, during the violent military subversion of Libya in 2011, includes the now deceased US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens on the right, wearing a blue tie.  Stevens has now become a victim of the very terrorists he played a role in creating. The caption below has been edited to reflect this information.

Editor’s Note: With Russia openly accusing the West of using Al Qaeda as their direct, militant proxies in Syria and beyond, this latest attempt to purposefully provoke and incite Muslims across the Arab World is an attempt by the West to reestablish the perception that the US and Israel are at war with sectarian extremists, not partnered with them. The film allegedly at the center of the violence, most likely came from the Neo-Con «Clarion Fund» or a project of similar origin.

September 12, 2012 – «I have met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. We should help them do it.» – Senator John McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011.

Image: Senator John McCain (with the now deceased US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens on the right with blue tie) in the terrorist rat nest of Benghazi after marshaling cash, weapons, and political support for militants tied directly to Al Qaeda. McCain’s insistence that the terrorists he helped arm and install into power were «not Al Qaeda» runs contra to the US Army’s own reports which state that Benghazi’s terror brigades officially merged with Al Qaeda in 2007. McCain’s «Libyan patriots» have now killed US Ambassador Stevens with weapons most likely procured with cash and logistic networks set up by NATO last year, part of a supranational terror campaign that includes violently subverting Syria – a campaign McCain also supports.


McCain’s «Libyan patriots» have now murdered US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens in the very city McCain spoke these words. An assault on the American consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi, the epicenter of not only last year’s violent subversion and destruction of sovereign Libya, but a decade’s old epicenter of global terrorism, left Ambassador Stevens dead along with reportedly three others.

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NATO Terrorists Target Syria & Algeria

Posted by satyrikon στο 31 Αυγούστου, 2012

NATO’s Pan-Arab Terrorist Blitzkrieg. 
by Tony Cartalucci

August 29, 2012 – Western policy makers admit that NATO’s operations in Libya have played the primary role in emboldening Al Qaeda’s AQIM faction (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb). The Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution’s Bruce Riedel in his article, «The New Al Qaeda Menace,» admits that AQIM is now heavily armed thanks to NATO’s intervention in Libya, and that AQIM’s base in Mali, North Africa, serves as a staging ground for terrorist activities across the region.

Image: NATO’s intervention in Libya has resurrected listed-terrorist organization and Al Qaeda affiliate, LIFG. It had previously fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now has fighters, cash and weapons, all courtesy of NATO, spreading as far west as Mali, and as far east as Syria. The feared «global Caliphate» Neo-Cons have been scaring Western children with for a decade is now taking shape via US-Saudi, Israeli, and Qatari machinations, not «Islam.» In fact, real Muslims have paid the highest price in fighting this real «war against Western-funded terrorism.»


AQIM, like their Libyan counterparts, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) are both listed by the US State Department as «Foreign Terrorist Organizations.» Likewise, both the UK Home Office (.pdf, listed as GSPC) and the UN recognize both organizations as terrorists.

Despite this, military intervention in Libya was pursued by the West and condoned by the UN with full knowledge that the militants leading so-called «pro-democracy uprisings» were in fact merely the continuation of decades of violent terrorism carried out by Al Qaeda affiliates. The West had full knowledge of this, primarily because it was Western intelligence agencies arming and supporting these militants for the last 30 years, in Libya’s case, while coddling their leaders in Washington and London.

Additionally, the US Army itself meticulously documented foreign terrorists fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, noting that the highest percentage per capita emanated from Libya’s cities of Benghazi and Darnah, the so-called «cradle» of 2011’s «pro-democracy uprisings» in Libya.


What unfolded was a premeditated lie – where placard waving «activists» overnight turned into battle-hardened heavily armed, tank driving, jet flying militants waging a nationwide battle against Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi. In reality, it was the fruition of 30 years of covert support the West has poured into militant groups across the region – support that would not end with the fall of Qaddafi.

Image: Libyan terrorist manning a tank during NATO’s 2011 overthrow of the Libyan government. The media expects the public to believe placard waving peaceful demonstrators had somehow, in just days, transitioned into tank driving, jet flying rebel forces – just like in Hollywood. 

LIFG terrorists promptly turned both east to Syria and west to Mali beyond their borders – a logistical matter they had perfected during their operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj, as early as November 2011, arrived on the Turkish-Syrian border to provide cash, weapons, and LIFG terrorist fighters, overseen by Western intelligence along with US funding and arms laundered through Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) members such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Since then Libyan militants have been confirmed to be leading entire brigades of foreign fighters inside Syria.

And as Bruce Riedel of Brookings concedes, these weapons went west to Mali as well. Algeria had feared just such a scenario unfolding with NATO’s intervention in Libya – a fear now fully realized. Ironically, Riedel, in August 2011, had tried to make a case for Algeria being «next to fall» in an article titled literally, «Algeria Will Be Next to Fall

A year ago, Riedel attempted to argue that it would be the so-called «Arab Spring» that would spread into Algeria after having taken root in neighboring Libya. He had eluded to, and it has now become abundantly clear, that by  «Arab Spring,» Riedel meant, US-backed subversion, and more specifically NATO-armed Al Qaeda-brand militancy and terrorism.

With the US now openly arming, supporting, and literally «cheering» Al Qaeda in Syria, it is clear that the «War on Terror» is an unprecedented geopolitical fraud perpetuated at the cost of millions of lives destroyed and an incalculable social and economic toll. NATO, with full knowledge of the consequences is literally carving out of North Africa and the Middle East, the so-called «Caliphate» Western leaders had held over their impressionable people’s heads as the impetus to perpetually wage global war. Torn from the pages of Orwell’s 1984, an artificial war has been created to carry forward corporate-financier machinations both abroad and domestically. The so-called threat to Western civilization is in fact a foreign legion of Western corporate-financier interests, executing Wall Street and London’s foreign policy on a global scale where and in a manner traditional Western forces cannot.

NATO’s terrorist blitzkrieg across the Arab World will not end in Syria. It will continue, if allowed, into Iran, through the Caucasus Mountains and into Russia, across China’s western borders, and even across Southeast Asia. The price for ignorance, apathy, and complicity in supporting the West’s so-called «War on Terror» will ironically reap all the horrors and then some in reality, that were promised to us if we didn’t fight this «Long War.»

Our support of both the political gambits of our politicians, as well as our daily patronage of the corporate-financier interests driving this agenda have already reaped an unprecedented and still growing regional safe haven for terrorists – and as moderate secular governments continue to be undermined and toppled, we can only imagine the blowback, retaliation, and other consequences as this destructive foreign policy unfolds. To imagine that such meddling will not end up being visited back upon us, even if in the form of a false flag attack dwarfing 9/11, would be folly.

Already, we are suffering economic devastation and an increasingly stifling security apparatus at home, and as long as we capitulate to this current agenda instead of asserting a more rational one of our own, it will only get worse.

μέσω Land Destroyer: NATO Terrorists Target Syria & Algeria.

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Land Destroyer: The Syrian Government is Not Isolated

Posted by satyrikon στο 12 Αυγούστου, 2012



Syria (Photo credit: No Lands Too Foreign)

Largest nations on Earth converge to support embattled Syrian government.
by Tony Cartalucci

August 11, 2012Iran has recently hosted 30 nations including Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Oman, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, and many others in Tehran this week in efforts to support the Syrian government against foreign destabilization. Upon the agenda were calls to end foreign arms currently flowing into terrorist hands inside Syria, proposals to broker a meaningful ceasefire, the coordination of humanitarian aid, and supporting the Syrian people’s right to reform without foreign interference.

The unique conference featured representatives of over half of the world’s population, and signals that indeed, Syria’s government is not as «isolated» as portrayed by Western neo-imperialists.

Image: An impressive counter to the so-called «Friends of Syria» confabs held by Wall Street and London corporate-financier interests in an attempt to sway global opinion toward a repeat of Libya’s destruction at NATO’s hands, the International Consultative Conference hosed by Iran seeks to end the flow of foreign arms into militant hands and resolve political differences through more civilized means.


The meeting comes as revelations emerge that the United States, United Kingdom, NATO-member Turkey, and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are supplying weapons, cash, and other assistance to foreign militants with direct links to Al Qaeda. These include Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants who are in fact listed by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf) as a foreign terrorist organization and a proscribed terrorist organization respectively.

As foreign militants continue to flow over Syria’s borders bolstered with an increase in foreign aid, sectarian violence has spiraled out of control. The UN has categorically failed to condemn the West’s state sponsorship of international terrorism now ravaging Syria. It appears that nations around the world, including shareholders in the Anglo-American establishment, may be having second thoughts about the increasingly untenable enterprise the West has chosen to pursue.

Earlier this month, during a Saudi-Qatari sponsored, US-UK-backed UN resolution, a large number of nations either voted no, abstained, or failed to attend the vote, indicating slipping support for what is sometimes called the «Washington consensus.»

US, GCC, and NATO actions in Libya in support of sectarian militants to install a stable of Western-created proxies into power has stripped away much of the «primacy» of «international law» and left the willfully abused geopolitical tenant of «responsibility to protect» (R2P) irrevocably in tatters. With the West’s attempted destabilization of Syria stalled, global public opinion has grown aware of the true nature of Syria’s so-called «rebels,» and that many are foreign fighters committing an array of abhorrent atrocities. The UN’s failure to act, or even worse, its role in facilitating what equates to military aggression couched in «humanitarian» pretenses, jeopardizes international law all together.

The West has ungracefully faced this quandary of its own creation by simultaneously attempting to use the presence of Al Qaeda terrorists as a causus belli to militarily intervene while also rebranding Al Qaeda as champions of freedom in Syria. One breathtaking account was given by the Fortune 500-funded Council on Foreign Relations in their article, «Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria,» claiming:

«The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. Feeling abandoned by the West, rebel forces are increasingly demoralized as they square off with the Assad regime’s superior weaponry and professional army. Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.»

Clearly, no nation in good conscience, or at least interested in self-preservation, could condone the overt destabilization of Syria by foreign powers with disingenuous motives, using listed-terrorist organizations to do so. The potential of this same ploy then being turned against other nations including members of Iran’s 30 nation conference, or even the US and UK’s «Friends of Syria» confabs, becomes increasingly more likely if such tactics are not condemned and altogether balked.

While US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks of «no-fly zones» with NATO-member Turkey this week, the successful conference in Tehran illustrates that any such act of aggression will be carried out unilaterally, further undermining the West’s own contrived «international order» with a growing number of nations standing in direct opposition, not in support of, Wall Street and London’s next move.

Iran plans to hold another such conferencelater this month.

μέσω Land Destroyer: The Syrian Government is Not Isolated.

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Genesis of US-Saudi «Al Qaeda Frankenstein» in Syria

Posted by satyrikon στο 12 Αυγούστου, 2012

English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily...

English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily Pakistan in 1997; behind him on the wall is an AK-47 carbine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Al Qaeda militants funded, armed and arrayed against Syria by the West since at least 2007 receive PR boost from Western media as public awareness grows of their presence. 
by Tony Cartalucci

August 11, 2012 – «To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.» –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh March 5, 2007

«In the nineteen-eighties and the early nineties, the Saudi government offered to subsidize the covert American C.I.A. proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Hundreds of young Saudis were sent into the border areas of Pakistan, where they set up religious schools, training bases, and recruiting facilities. Then, as now, many of the operatives who were paid with Saudi money were Salafis. Among them, of course, were Osama bin Laden and his associates, who founded Al Qaeda, in 1988.

This time, the U.S. government consultant told me, Bandar [bin Sultan] and other Saudis have assured the White House that “they will keep a very close eye on the religious fundamentalists. Their message to us was ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh March 5, 2007

America’s Implausible Deniability

Image:  Former-US President George Bush and King for Life of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud: «The loving parents of Al Qaeda.» From the 1980’s to present day, the US and Saudi Arabia have funded, armed, and directed Al Qaeda while performing propaganda campaigns to bend public perception regarding the terrorist organization – portraying them as heroes, then villains, and back again. The «War on Terror» is a fraud.

Quite clearly, since 2007, the US and its allies were knowingly arraying sectarian extremists with direct ties to Al Qaeda against Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Likewise in 2011, the US while leading NATO operations in Libya, armed, trained, funded, and provided air support for Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants – also with direct ties to Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda, by all accounts, is a joint US-Saudi creation, led by a Saudi (Osama bin Laden), and armed and funded by Western arms and cash laundered through Saudi Arabia to maintain both «plausible deniability» for the US, and to maintain a semblance of credibility for Al Qaeda militants across the Muslim World.

The now feigned, preposterous «fears» the US is expressing as the monster they’ve created becomes known to global public opinion, constitutes a new depth of depravity in regards to Western foreign policy, ultimately and irrevocably undermining the legitimacy of the West’s collective institutions and its status as a «stabilizing force» in global geopolitics.

The Associated Press joins Western governments in resigning its legitimacy and credibility with their recent report titled, «U.S. fears extremists could highjack goals of anti-Assad rebels,» which claims:

Al-Qaida has advanced beyond isolated pockets of activity in Syria and now is building a network of well-organized cells, according to U.S. intelligence officials, who fear that the terrorists could be establishing a foothold that would be hard to defeat if rebels eventually oust President Bashar Assad.

AP also claims:

At least a couple hundred al-Qaida-linked militants already are operating in Syria, and their ranks are growing as foreign fighters stream into the country daily, current and former U.S. intelligence officials say. The units are spreading from city to city, with veterans of the Iraq insurgency employing their expertise in bomb-building to carry out more than two dozen attacks so far. Others are using their experience in coordinating small units of fighters in Afghanistan to win new followers.

While AP attempts to claim this is a disturbing trend that «US officials» are worried about, other representatives of the corporate-financier interests driving Western foreign policy are attempting to repackage Al Qaeda as «necessary» and shifting to a benign ally.

Image: As more photos depicting Syria’s so-called «Free Syrian Army» as fighting under the banner of Al Qaeda emerge, hiding Al Qaeda’s presence becomes more difficult for the Western press and the corporate-financier interests they represent. Therefore a simultaneous campaign is being waged to spin Al Qaeda’s presence as «recent» and «unexpected,» while attempts are made to repackage the militant group as «heroes.»


Recently, the Council on Foreign Relations, a premier Fortune 500-funded US think-tank, wrote in their article, «Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria,» that:

«The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. Feeling abandoned by the West, rebel forces are increasingly demoralized as they square off with the Assad regime’s superior weaponry and professional army. Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.»

Also, while AP attempts to portray this disturbing trend as recent, Reuters had reported in their article, «Outgunned Syria rebels make shift to bombs» that months ago that militants operating in Syria had already begun deploying terrorist bombings utilizing skills honed by extremist militants who fought in Iraq over the last decade.

The Telegraph reported even earlier, in November 2011, that Al Qaeda’s LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj had personally visited the Turkish-Syrian border to pledge cash, weapons, and fighters toward efforts in subverting Syria. Also in late 2011, reports that Libyan fighters, at least 600 of them, had already made their way to Syria began surfacing. As early as April 2011, the role of Al Qaeda in violence playing out all across the US-engineered «Arab Spring» was covered in Dr. Webster Tarpley’s «Al Qaeda: Pawns of CIA Insurrection from Libya to Yemen,» where Syria was specifically mentioned as targeted by the West’s supra-regional campaign.

If the alternative media knew in 2011 that Al Qaeda was on the ground in both Libya and Syria (and elsewhere), and if the New Yorker already reported, point for point exactly who and how events would play out in Syria, as far back as 2007, how is it then that the US only now «fears» extremists of their own creation «hijacking» the goals of the so-called opposition?

The answer of course is the US knew from the very beginning, in fact, long before the beginning. The use of militant extremists to undermine and overrun Syria in an orgy of sectarian driven violence was the chosen method of operation since at least 2007. The US decided to deploy a proxy force, the same one in fact the West had deployed in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Al Qaeda was a creation of US-Saudi machinations. It is a continuing manifestation of their collective machinations to this day.

Like Weapons of Mass Destruction, Strict Conventions Must Be Arrayed Against «Proxy Wars.» 

Sarin nerve gas, anthrax, and nuclear weapons are considered weapons of such indiscriminate mass destruction, that their use is not only prohibited by both national and international laws and conventions around the world, but have entered civilization’s collective conscience as untenable and inexcusable to use on the battlefield.

Image: Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction, and because of their indiscriminate nature, are banned by both national and international conventions. Proxy terrorists and mercenaries deployed into foreign countries (such as Libyans deploying to fight in Syria with US-Saudi backing) are not only indiscriminate, creating mass destruction and carrying out egregious atrocities, but do so for months, even years. Likewise their use should be banned by national/international conventions and nations caught employing them should have sanctions, severe penalties, and at the very least international condemnation leveled against them. 


And just as Sarin nerve gas indiscriminately causes vast swaths of death, or a nuclear weapon kills all within its effective radius, so too do roving proxy armies, fanatically indoctrinated, monetarily motivated, armed, and funded by foreign interests, indiscriminately killing any and all that oppose them. While the West has used the possession and potential use of «weapons of mass destruction» as an excuse to violate the sovereignty of independent nation-states, it itself is deploying indiscriminate tactics leaving tens of thousands dead in nations like Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Mali, and Syria.

If deploying weapons of mass destruction against a population is considered a grievous war crime because of the indiscriminate, unsparing effects of such implements, then surely deploying armed proxies consisting of fanatical killers is likewise a grievous war crime – perhaps more so because of the extended sustainability of such operations, and the capacity to keep on killing and terrorizing for months, even years.

And while we will continue to protest the machinations of the West, we must identify, boycott and replace the very corporate-financier interests underwriting this abhorrent agenda. The process of protesting is moot if it is not done in tandem with an appropriate application of real, tangible activism. To protest Western policy, but then patronize the very corporate-financier interests driving it, is self-defeating and ultimately futile.

μέσω Land Destroyer: Genesis of US-Saudi «Al Qaeda Frankenstein» in Syria.

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COLOR REVOLUTIONS AND GEOPOLITICS: Syria Under Attack by the Mind Managers: The Dark Satanic Mills of Propaganda

Posted by satyrikon στο 6 Αυγούστου, 2012

Syria Under Attack by the Mind Managers: The Dark Satanic Mills of Propaganda

Covering Syria: The Information War
By Aisling Byrne
Originally published in the Asia Times
July 12, 2012
Images and captions added by Color Revolutions and Geopolitics

The narrative that has been constructed by the Western mainstream media on Syria may seem to be self-evident from the scenes presented on television, but it is a narrative duplicitously promoted and coordinated so as to conceal and facilitate the regime-change project that is part of the war on Iran.

What we are seeing is a new stage of information war intentionally constructed and cast as a simplistic narrative of a struggle for human rights and democracy so as deliberately to exclude other interpretations and any geo-strategic motivation.

The narrative, as CNN puts it, is in essence this: «The vast majority of reports from the ground indicate that government forces are killing citizens in an attempt to wipe out civilians seeking [President Bashar] al-Assad’s ouster» – the aim being precisely to elicit a heart-wrenching emotional response in Western audiences that trumps all other considerations and makes the call for Western/Gulf intervention to effect regime change.

But it is a narrative based on distortion, manipulation, lies and videotape.

In the first months, the narrative was of unarmed protesters being shot by Syrian forces. This then evolved into one of armed insurgents reluctantly «being provoked into taking up arms», as US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton explained, to defend peaceful protesters.

It was also a narrative that from the outset, according to a recent report in Time magazine, that the US has facilitated by providing training, support and equipment to Syrian opposition «cyber-warriors».

Reports confirmed by leading Syrian opposition leaders in April 2011 reveal that in addition to cyber-training, weapons and money from Syrian exiles, as well as from a «major Arab Gulf country» and a Lebanese political party, were being distributed to «young demonstrators». The former head of Russian intelligence, Yevgeny Primakov, similarly noted that the Syrian conflict «started with armed revolts against the authorities, not peaceful demonstrations».

Ironically, one of the most accurate descriptions of the sectarian conflict we are witnessing in Syria comes from an assessment by the neoconservative Brookings Institute in its March 2012 report «Assessing Options for Regime Change in Syria», one option being for «the United States [to] fight a «clean» war … and leave the dirty work on the ground to the FSA [Free Syrian Army], perhaps even obviating a massive commitment to Iraq-style nation-building».

«Let the Arabs do it,» echoed Israeli President Shimon Peres. «Do it yourself and the UN will support you.» This point was not lost on one leading Turkish commentator, who noted that US Senator John McCain «said that there would be no American boots on the ground in Syria. That means we Turks will have to spill our precious blood to get what McCain and others want in the States.»

In the wake of the failures at state-building in Afghanistan and Iraq, direct intervention, with all the responsibilities this would entail, would not go down well in cash-strapped Western nations. Better to get others to do the «dirty work» – pursue «regime change by civil war».

«The United States, Europe and the Gulf states … are starving the regime in Damascus and feeding the opposition. They have sanctioned Syria … and are busy shoveling money and helping arms supplied by the Gulf get to the rebels,» Joshua Landis, director of the Center of Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in Foreign Policy in June.

With regional allies prepared to do the «dirty work» of providing increasingly sophisticated weapons clearly geared for purposes other than «self-defense», and the FSA and its jihadist allies doing the «dirty work» within Syria (their salaries paid by Saudi Arabia), the US and European nations can proffer their clean hands by limiting support to communications equipment, intelligence and humanitarian aid, and of course to providing the moral posturing required to topple the Syrian system and implant a regime hostile to Iran and friendly to Israel. Having «clean hands» enables the US, France and Britain to pose as abiding by UN standards, while at the same time flouting the UN Charter by promoting an attack on a member state.

Time magazine reported last month that the administration of US President Barack Obama «has tiptoed across an invisible line. [It] said it will not actively support the Syrian opposition in its bid to oust Assad … [but] as US officials have revealed, the administration has been providing media-technology training and support to Syrian dissidents by way of small non-profits like the Institute for War & Peace Reporting and Freedom House.

«Viral videos of alleged atrocities,» noted Time, «have made Assad one of the most reviled men on the planet, helping turn the Arab League against him and embarrassing his few remaining allies almost daily.»

It is a position that reeks of hypocrisy: as US columnist Barbara Slavin notes, «Without a UN Security Council mandate, the prospects for US military intervention in Syria are minimal … the provision of communications gear frees up others to provide weapons.»

A US official quoted by Associated Press was more frank: Washington’s equipment and medical supplies to the opposition «can now be easily augmented with weapons from other donors. Smuggling lines are smuggling lines. We use the same donkeys,» he said, pointing out that routes are in essence the same for bandages as they are for bullets.

And while various Western governments are helping «document crimes» committed by Syrian forces, these same governments have refused to investigate their own killings of civilians in attacks by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Libya. NATO «created its own definition for ‘confirmed’ deaths: only a death that NATO itself investigated and corroborated could be called confirmed», enabling the alliance to conclude: «We have no confirmed reports of civilian casualties.»

Britain was the only country involved in the bombings to conduct its own inquiry. Its report accepted «that coalition forces did their best to prevent and minimize civilian casualties … We commend them for this approach.»

Marie Colvin

For every tragic story like journalist Marie Colvin’s final dispatch before she was killed while embedded for British media with the FSA («In Babr Amr. Sickening. Cannot understand how the world can stand by. Watched a baby die today. Shrapnel: doctors could do nothing. His little tummy just heaved and heaved until he stopped. Feeling Helpless»), there are other similar tragedies, committed by the insurgents, that are rarely reported in the mainstream Western press.

You won’t read in the mainstream press of foreign jihadists increasingly pouring into Syria to fight their holy war; you won’t read that some ultraconservative Salafi sheikhs in Saudi Arabia are running their own military network inside Syria; you won’t read how Assad’s support during the 14-month crisis has if anything increased in light of the insecurity gripping the country; you won’t read comments like those of the Lebanese Christian Maronite patriarch who said that while «Syria, like other countries, needs reforms which the people are demanding … the closest thing to democracy [in the Arab world] is Syria».

You won’t read how the head of the opposition in Turkey, a former ambassador to Washington, Faruk Logoglu, has said that what Turkey is doing hosting armed FSA fighters and allowing them to carry out attacks in Syria is «is against all international norms; against all neighborly relations … It is a basic rule that countries must respect the sovereignty of others.»

You won’t read how armed insurgents used the Arab League observer mission’s ceasefire to «reinforce themselves and bring supplies from Lebanon, knowing the regime would be limited in its ability to obstruct them at that time», or how they have used the Kofi Annan plan to prepare for larger attacks.

While we have seen extensive demonization of Assad, his wife and family, with the president depicted recently in the British press bathing in blood, you won’t read articles demonizing the Saudi or Qatari regimes, or highlighting the hundreds of millions of dollars they have poured into political parties and groups, particularly Salafists, across the region in their «counter-revolution» against change; or the recent declaration by the official Saudi Mufti for all churches in the Arabian Peninsula to be demolished (which was not covered by a single Western mainstream news outlet); or as a senior Sunni political figure told me recently, the more than 23,000 detainees in Saudi prisons, a majority of whom (a recent report notes 90%) have degrees (to be fair, Chatham House did comment on this in a recent report that this «is indicative of the prevalence of a university education»).

The images above are only some of what we find when we do an image search for «Assad» and «bloodbath.»  Seriously.  Who has commissioned these bullshit images?  Someone has obviously been paid to make them.  Someone has obviously written a check to have each of them made.  We say to the many producers, «Ye are of your father the devil…there is no truth in him…he is a liar, and a father of it.»

You won’t read how Saudi Arabia and Qatar have bullied satellite hosting channels in the region to stop broadcasting «pro-regime» public and private Syrian television channels; or that the Syrian opposition has set up 10 satellite channels, all with an Islamist orientation and which take a strong sectarian line – calling on the FSA to «kill Iran’s mice» and «the rats of the Lebanese devil’s party» (Hezbollah); or how Russia has been attempting to facilitate a political process of reconciliation with the internal opposition since the onset of the crisis.

There is clear duplicity in the deliberate unwillingness of the Western mainstream media to acknowledge the nature of those who are the West’s allies in the regime-change project – particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar – and the danger they pose in the region through their arming and firing up of jihadist Salafist groups in Syria and across the region. Rare are articles in the mainstream Western press that highlight this hypocrisy.

A critical piece in the British press by Peter Oborne, The Daily Telegraph’s chief political correspondent, was an exception: «Washington never ceases to complain about the connection between the Pakistani intelligence services and the Taliban. But we never hear a whisper of concern about the connection between Saudi intelligence and Salafi movements across the Middle East, of which al-Qaeda is the best-known offshoot.»

The essential components of what we do see daily in the Western press have changed little during the conflict: in effect, all violence and terror are apportioned to one side only – the Syrian government and its purported «ghostly shadowy» shabiha forces.

Any violence committed by the «peaceful protesters» and the Free Syrian Army is purely for defensive purposes – all of which comes straight out of the color-revolution/regime-change text book; daily figures for those killed are based almost exclusively on «reports by activists and YouTube footage» (unverifiable, it is claimed, because the Syrian government does not allow free movement of journalists) and are described simply as «people» – dead insurgents do not appear; Al-Qaeda-type jihadist groups are played down (reports in leading media outlets like The Guardian continue to question whether they exist at all); and any weapons or equipment supplied to the «opposition» is, according to Saudi leaders, to help Syrians «defend themselves».

Embedding journalists on their side is an asset that the FSA, activists and their Western and regional partners have clearly learned from the experience of the US Army in the wake of its attacks on Fallujah in 2004. A US Army intelligence analysis leaked by WikiLeaks revealed that «in the military’s opinion, the Western press are part of the US’s propaganda operation. This process was facilitated by the embedding of Western reporters in US military units». In their second attack on Fallujah in November 2004, the US Army «got many reporters … to embed with US troops, so that they could act, as the intelligence report calls for, as the propaganda arm of US forces».

The fundamental pillar of this Western narrative relies almost exclusively on claims and «evidence» provided by «activists» and opposition-affiliated groups, particularly the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Are we seriously to believe that this outfit, reportedly run from Coventry by a man who, according to Reuters, part-time runs a clothes shop with his wife, then «sits with a laptop and phones and pieces together accounts of conflict and rights abuses before uploading news to the Internet», is the primary source of daily casualty statistics on the 14-month Syrian conflict – the key geo-strategic conflict of the time?

Readers!!  This man is head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and he is starving!  Can you spare 25 bucks for a large pizza?   He is the lone wolf fighting Assad…from London…  Obviously this is your cause.

It is clearly the front office of a large-scale (dis)information project – when Russian diplomats asked to meet with the organization, they were refused. Senior political figures in the region have told me, as other reports indicate, that the Observatory is in fact funded from a Dubai-based slush fund and is a key component of the regime-change project.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that it was in the opposition’s interest «to provoke a humanitarian catastrophe, to get a pretext to demand external interference», so it is not surprising that analysis of the Observatory’s figures, including claims of «massacres», consistently show a significant inflation in numbers of casualties, sometimes wildly so. 

As Al-Jazeera journalist Nir Rosen, who spent some months embedded with the Free Syria Army, explained: «Every day the opposition gives a death toll, usually without any explanation of the cause of the deaths. Many … reported killed are in fact dead opposition fighters, but the cause of their death is hidden and they are described … as innocent civilians killed by security forces, as if they were all merely protesting or sitting in their homes.»

Analysis I did of what was reported to be the «deadliest day of the nine-month uprising» (December 20, 2011), with the «organized massacre» of a «mass defection» of army deserters widely reported by the international press, and opposition Syrian National Council claims of areas «exposed to large-scale genocide», showed that figures differed so significantly (between 10 and 163 armed insurgents, nine to 111 unarmed civilians and zero to 97 government forces), that the «truth» was impossible to establish. Similarly, analysis of The Guardian’s data blog on casualties as of December 2011, based solely on press reports largely from opposition sources, contained basic inaccuracies and made no reference to any killings of armed insurgents during the entire 10-month period.

So the Observatory and «activists» provide doctored figures, the Western media report these figures uncritically, and the UN provides reports on the basis of opposition and activist sources alone. The December 2011 UN Human Rights Commissioner’s report was based solely on interviews with 233 alleged «army defectors»; similarly, the first UN report to accuse the Syrian government of crimes against humanity was based on 369 interviews with «victims and witnesses». The spokesman for the UN Office of the High Commission for Human Rights explained that while «getting evidence from victims and defectors – some who corroborated specific names», the UN «is not in a position to cross-check names and will never be in a position to do that … The lists are clear – the question is whether we can fully endorse their accuracy.»

British public-service broadcaster Channel 4 has championed the cause of Syrian «video journalists» who it claims are leading a «Syrian media revolution». The channel’s foreign-affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller wrote: «Each report is datelined; exact location and date, [which] doesn’t in itself necessarily authenticate the report, but combined with other reports from other districts of the same attack filmed from a different location, the reports have the effect of corroborating each other.» The channel even made a documentary of activists exaggerating the «truth» – «even if it means embellishing events».

During the early months of the Syrian conflict, activists like the now-notorious Danny and Khaled Abou Salah were regularly interviewed in the Western media – that is until footage found by the Syrian army in Homs after the attack on insurgents showed them, among other things, preparing child «victims» for interviews and until their «witness statements» lost all credibility. The New York Times’ Neil MacFarquhar, reporting from Beirut, almost exclusively bases his reports on «activists speaking by Skype» and «video posted on YouTube».

New York Times reporter Neil MacFarquhar showing signs of moral turpitude beneath his usual «objective journalist» veneer.

Described as «the most horrific video» yet by Britain’s Daily Mail, a YouTube clip of an opposition member being «buried alive» was found most likely to be fake. Perhaps more telling than the use of the actual photo by the British Broadcasting Corp of hundreds of body bags from Iraq in 2003 that was used for the story of the al-Houla massacre three weeks ago was the caption beneath the photo: «Photo from Activist. This image – which cannot be independently verified – is believed to show bodies of children in Houla awaiting funeral.»

Anatomy of a psyop (click on images to enlarge): the top image is a screen shot of the BBC’s  «Houla Massacre» story (May 27, 2012).  The striking image was used by the BBC to sell this «massacre» to the world.  The perpetrators of the supposed «massacre» were immediately reported by Western news agencies (without real evidence we soon learned) to have been members of the Syrian army.  Notice the attribution «photo from activist» at the bottom of the top image above.  Is this why the image was deemed sufficient by «journalists» and numerous «news agencies» to accompany their reportage of the event?  Whatever the case, use of this image has helped, in the court of public opinion, turn the legal government of Syria into «butchers of its own people.»  It turns out that, within 24 hours of the story breaking, the image above was discovered to have been taken in Iraq in 2003 in a town called Al Musayyib (the 2nd and 3rd images attest to this fact) by a photographer named Marco Di Lauro!! 

This psyop is one of many reasons why the majority of us in the West, without having spent one single day on Syrian soil, without knowing a damn thing about the Syrian political system, its history, its triumphs or challenges, what it’s up against …nothing… we find ourselves HATING Assad…he is a butcher…he is a murderer…he is evil…  We parrot those blood-sucking reporters on television…and the countless vampires who write the editorial columns of newspapers (those we know are war mongering whores) …and yet we STILL parrot THESE PEOPLE and say, without hesitation, that it’s imperative that Assad must go!    

Nevertheless, activist-supplied videos and statements continue to provide the basis for unquestioned reports in the mainstream press: in the wake of the Houla massacre, for example, The Guardian ran a front-page story – «among the most important of the testimonies» from an army defector reportedly on leave at the time. From his house 300 meters away, the man saw and heard the massacre, despite there being persistent shelling at the time. He claimed to have seen men «he knew to be shabiha «riding into Taldous village in cars, motorbikes and army trucks, shouting: ‘Shabiha forever, for your eyes, Assad.'»

This is not to argue that Syrian security forces and some supporters of the Syrian government have not committed abuses and killings; they have admitted this to be the case. «Don’t put me in a position of defending brutality and knifing people,» former US national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said about Syria recently. «Frankly that is not the issue. We do know these things happened, and they are horrible. They also happened on a much larger scale in many other countries in which we have not intervened.»

What we are witnessing is a new generation of warfare – an information war where, by using what is in effect propaganda, the aim is to construct a consensual consciousness to provide overwhelming public support for regime change.

Not to be outdone by Senator McCain (described by a leading US foreign-policy magazine as one of the «three amigos … who have rarely found a country they didn’t want to bomb or invade»), The Guardian itself noted in March: «If you think Guardian readers are a peace-loving bunch, think again. In an online poll, more than 83% [13,200 votes] have so far backed John McCain’s call to launch air strikes against Syria.»

While The Guardian describes the so-called shabihain what appears to be a piece of pure propaganda – «according to demonstrators» it interviewed – as «large lines of plain-clothed or khaki-clad men and boys armed with submachine-guns» who appear «awaiting an excuse to intervene» and who fire on protesters, a senior European diplomat based in the region told me that it is not in fact clear who the shabiha are, or whether they actually exist.

The diplomat told me of an instance when the UN monitors were filmed by activists as they were inspecting an insurgent-blocked subsidiary road; they later saw footage of themselves at the same ditch on the international news spliced in such a way as to make it appear that there had been bodies in an excavated area and that the UN monitors were watching bodies being removed, whereas in fact it was no more than a ditch across a road that they had been filming.

Human rights are a fundamental component of this information war that is a cover for regime change. By in effect taking a one-sided approach to events in Syria, leading human-rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are, willingly or unwillingly, being used as an integral part of this information war on Syria.

Despite publishing the odd report on abuses, torture and killings perpetrated by the insurgents, they cast the conflict in Syria as a simple one-sided case of aggressors and victims, lamenting, along the lines of John Bolton and McCain, «Why is the world doing nothing?» Amnesty International’s Eyes on Syria site, for example, exclusively documents «the scale of torture and ill-treatment by security forces, army and pro-government armed gangs», harassment of «pro-reform» Syrians, and deaths in government custody.

A notable exception has been the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has continually criticized the militarization of humanitarian assistance. When former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the creation of «humanitarian corridors», the ICRC publicly criticized a move that would inevitably involve the deployment of armed forces to enforce the zones.

The use of propaganda as a tool in war is an old one. During World War I, in the wake of British propaganda of «babies [with] their hands cut off … impaled on bayonets … loudly spoken of in buses and public places … paraded, not as an isolated instance of an atrocity, but as … a common practice», a member of Parliament wrote: «In Parliament there was the usual evasion … the only evidence given was ‘seen by witnesses’.»

What we see now in coverage of Syria has echoes of 2003 – Western governments and the Western media accept at face value the claims of exiles living in the West. Paul Pillar, a former official of the US Central Intelligence Agency now at Georgetown University in Washington, notes that the neocon case for arming the Syrian opposition «is a continuation of the same patterns of neoconservative thinking that led to [president George W] Bush’s war [on Iraq]. There is the same wishful thinking substituting for careful analysis about consequences.»

Charged with defining the future of warfare, the US deputy chief of staff for intelligence [pictured below] in 1997 defined this «conflict between information masters and information victims … We are already masters of information warfare … we write the script,» he wrote. «Societies that … cannot manage the flow of information simply will not be competitive … Emotions, rather than strategy, will set the terms of struggles.» Against such an onslaught, there is little the Syrian government can do to defend itself – Assad has already said that Syria cannot win the media war with the West.

«Emotions, rather than strategy, will set the terms of struggles.»  So wrote Ralph Peters in his infamous article, Constant Conflict, published in the summer of 1997.  Perhaps it’s also helpful to point out that this same Ralph Peters was also the author of a new map of the Middle East, one where the boundaries of extant nation-states have been dramatically redrawn, made into smaller, ethnically homogeneous, and doubtlessly less independent «micro-states.»

As Syria tips into the next more violent stage of sectarian war, with the SNC/FSA and their foreign backers increasing the ante with possible supplies if heavy weapons by the US, leading to more violent attacks, and the Syrian government (with its Republican Guard and the Syrian Army’s powerful 4th Division still held in reserve) cracking down on «all armed groups», we should expect to see the «crusaders» in the mainstream media follow suit with their onslaught on Syrian government «atrocities» – massacres, use of children as human shields, claims of the imminent collapse of the Syrian government, etc.

But we would do well to acknowledge that there are two competing narratives out there. The BBC acknowledged recently that while «video filed by the opposition … may provide some insight into the story on the ground … stories are never black and white – [they are] often shades of grey», and Channel 4’s Alex Thomson’s near escape after being set up by the Free Syria Army prompted him to say: «Do not for one moment believe that my experience with the rebels in al-Qusair was a one-off.» It makes you wonder, he wrote, «who else has had this experience when attempting to find out what is going on in rebel-held Syria». The narrative, however, complete with myths, has established a virtual reality that is now set in stone.

Sixteen months into the conflict, it is too little, too late to acknowledge that there are «shades of grey» at play in the Syrian context: for 16 months, The Guardian, Channel 4, the BBC and others have presented the conflict, using largely spurious «evidence», in exactly the black-and-white terms that increasingly people are now questioning. Peter Oborne, writing some months ago in The Daily Telegraph, warned that by presenting the conflict as a struggle between the regime and «the people», British Prime Minister David Cameron is either «poorly briefed or he is coming dangerously close to a calculated deception of the British public».

The Takfiri jihadists and their backers have been allowed to define and dominate the crisis. The crisis is now symbolized by car bombings, assassinations, mutilations and atrocities. This empowering of the extreme end of the opposition spectrum – albeit a minority – has in effect silenced and pushed to the sidelines the middle ground – that is, most of the internal opposition. One key internal opposition leader recently told Conflicts Forum that, like other leaders, he has had close relatives assassinated by the Salafists. The internal opposition has acknowledged the stark choice between two undesirables – either a dialogue that currently is not realizable, or the downfall of Syria, as Al-Akhbar, one of the leading independent newspapers in the region, recently reported.

With weapons of war, words and ideology, the self-appointed «Friends of Syria» have done everything they can to tiptoe around the UNSC and to undercut all attempts at an intra-Syrian political dialogue and a negotiated end to the conflict, of which the Annan mission is the latest attempt. The West/Saudi/Qatari «dirty war» on Syria applies as much to its (dis)information campaign as it does to getting others to fight and kill for them.

As was no doubt the intention, Clinton’s «spin» that Russia was supplying attack helicopters to Syria went a long way – the US Congress, the British government and the mainstream media all fell into line calling for action. A member of the Senate Armed Services Committee wrote to the US defense secretary calling the Russian state arms firm «an enabler of mass murder in Syria», and Cobra, the British government’s emergency security committee, met several times.

It turned out, however, that what the New York Times described as «the Obama administration’s sharpest criticism yet of Russia’s support for the Syrian government» was, according to a senior Defense Department official, «a little spin» put on the story by Clinton so as «to put the Russians in a difficult position». It was three helicopters of «marginal use militarily», explained the Times, returning from routine servicing in Russia.

For their part, the mainstream media bear some responsibility for the slide toward sectarian war in Syria, the victims of which, as always, are civilians. The media’s conceptualization of victims and oppressors has in effect eliminated the space for negotiation. Lavrov has warned: «Either we gather everyone with influence at the negotiating table or once again we depart into ideology, where it is declared shamelessly that everything is the fault of the regime, while everyone else are angels and therefore the regime should be changed.

«The way the Syrian crisis is resolved», he advised, «will play an important role in the world tomorrow; whether the world will be based on the UN Charter, or a place where might makes right.»

μέσω COLOR REVOLUTIONS AND GEOPOLITICS: Syria Under Attack by the Mind Managers: The Dark Satanic Mills of Propaganda.




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US Treasury: Al Qaeda Runs Syrian «Rebellion»

Posted by satyrikon στο 27 Ιουλίου, 2012

US fails to sell militants in Syria as «freedom fighters,» tells truth for pretext to liquidate monsters of their own creation.

by Tony Cartalucci

July 27, 2012 – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in its article, «Al Qaeda’s War for Syria,» cited officials from the US Treasury Department stating, «Al Qaeda in Syria (often operating as the «Al Nusra Front for the People of the Levant») is using traffickers—some ideologically aligned, some motivated by money—to secure routes through Turkey and Iraq for foreign fighters, most of whom are from the Middle East and North Africa. A growing number of donors from the Persian Gulf and Levant appear to be sending financial support.»

Photo: The «Free Syrian Army,» whose composition consists of not only Syrian sectarian extremists, but Libyan terrorists from the US State Department listed «Libyan Islamic Fighting Group» led by Abdul Hakim Belhaj, is the manifestation of years of US, Saudi, and Israeli aid since at least 2007.


This undercuts the West’s year and a half-long narrative that Syria’s violence was the result of a so-called «uprising» by the people of Syria. While the WJS attempts to downplay this admission by claiming, «al Qaeda makes up a small part of the resistance movement,» it concedes that, «its strength appears to be rising.» In reality, it was Al Qaeda militants from the very beginning, and the only aspect of the conflict «rising» is public awareness of this fact.

Since 2007, US Aided and Abetted Al Qaeda Affiliates Against Syria 

As early as 2007, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh wrote in his New Yorker article «The Redirection,» that:

«To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.» –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007)

Hersh’s report would also include:

«the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The Israelis believe that putting such pressure on the Assad government will make it more conciliatory and open to negotiations.» –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007)

The 2007 article also warned about the inevitable consequences of arming radical sectarian extremists, with CIA operators in Lebanon warning of mass murder, sectarian violence, and specifically the targeting of Christian minorities across the Levant (the region along the Mediterranean Sea including Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria):

«Robert Baer, a former longtime C.I.A. agent in Lebanon, has been a severe critic of Hezbollah and has warned of its links to Iranian-sponsored terrorism. But now, he told me, “we’ve got Sunni Arabs preparing for cataclysmic conflict, and we will need somebody to protect the Christians in Lebanon. It used to be the French and the United States who would do it, and now it’s going to be Nasrallah and the Shiites» –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007)

Now, demonstratively, we see exactly this feared onslaught manifesting itself in Syria, in particular against Christians as indicated in LA Times’ «Church fears ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Christians in Homs, Syria,» and more recently in USA Today’s distorted, but still telling, «Christians in Syria live in uneasy alliance with Assad, Alawites.» Even the massacre in Houla, seems to echo of this 2007 warning, bearing all the hallmarks of sectarian extremists like Al Qaeda.

Not only did the United States government, with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel’s aid, knowingly assemble a sectarian extremist front affiliated with Al Qaeda, not from within Syria, but from beyond its borders, it knew well in advance the destructive consequences such a foreign policy would yield.

The US government has since willfully lied to the both the American people and the world regarding the true nature of the violence unfolding in Syria, and with the help of the corporate-media, is attempting to spin the forewarned consequences of their long-planned conspiracy as merely an unfortunate by-product of a spontaneous conflict.

A Foreign Invasion, not a Rebellion

The WSJ’s article begins with the sentence, «the United States and its allies should consider opening a second front in the Syrian war. In addition to helping end Bashar Assad’s rule, there is a growing need to conduct a covert campaign against al Qaeda and other extremist groups gaining a presence in the country.»

In essence, we are being told that the militant extremists the US assembled against Syria have failed to overthrow the government, so the US should intervene on the pretext of liquidating the very terrorists they conspired to send, funded and armed, and have been supporting since the very beginning.

The very logistical «routes» through Turkey the WSJ claims Al Qaeda is using to flood into Syria with militants and weapons, are admittedly organized by the US through its CIA intelligence apparatus. The New York Times article, «C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition,» states clearly that:

A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.

The NYT continues:

The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

Likewise, in the Washington Post’s article, «Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination,» it is reported:

Syrian rebels battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and U.S. and foreign officials.

We are now expected to forget these admissions, or believe that Al Qaeda is slipping past CIA officers «operating secretly in southern Turkey,» and that only by coincidence they are armed with the very weapons and resources the US, Saudis, and Qataris have pledged to supply the so-called «Free Syrian Army» with.  Turkey, it should be remembered, is a NATO member – that Al Qaeda is swarming within and along its borders belies 10 years of «War on Terror» mythology.

The «Free Syrian Army» does include sectarian extremists from within Syria, mostly drawn from the banned, sectarian Muslim Brotherhood movement which has sought to destroy secular society across the Arab World for decades. But the vast majority of the fighters flowing into Aleppo in the north, and who had recently attempted to overrun Damascus in the south, are foreign fighters, armed by foreign sponsors, invading and conducting armed attacks on populated Syrian cities.

Image: «A lot of them were bald and many had beards. Many wore white sports shoes and army pants,» said an alleged «defected officer» of the perpetrators of the «Houla Massacre.» An apt description of the NATO-armed sectarian terrorists that ravaged Libya before traveling to Syria (here, here, and here) to continue their campaign of extremist-driven genocide. (click image to enlarge)


Reports months ago indicated that Libyan militants had been making their way to Syria by the hundreds, flush with cash and weapons recently received from NATO during their own operation to overrun and destroy Libya. As many as 600 Libyan terrorists were reported to have reached Syria by late 2011.

Now as Western media houses embed their representatives within terrorist bands crossing the Turkish-Syrian border, and as these terrorists find their way into Aleppo and amongst a population capable of revealing their identity to the world, slowly the admissions are trickling out that indeed entire «platoons» of North African fighters are involved in the misleadingly titled, «rebellion.»

CNN, whose Ivan Watson accompanied these terrorists over the Turkish-Syrian border and into Aleppo, revealed that indeed foreign fighters were amongst the militants. It was admitted that:

Meanwhile, residents of the village where the Syrian Falcons were headquartered said there were fighters of several North African nationalities also serving with the brigade’s ranks.
A volunteer Libyan fighter has also told CNN he intends to travel from Turkey to Syria within days to add a «platoon» of Libyan fighters to armed movement.

CNN also added:

On Wednesday, CNN’s crew met a Libyan fighter who had crossed into Syria from Turkey with four other Libyans. The fighter wore full camouflage and was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle. He said more Libyan fighters were on the way.

The foreign fighters, some of them are clearly drawn because they see this as … a jihad. So this is a magnet for jihadists who see this as a fight for Sunni Muslims.

CNN’s reports provide bookends to earlier admissions that large numbers of Libyan terrorists flush with NATO cash and weapons had headed to Syria, with notorious terrorist commanders making the arrangements.

West Used Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Libya, Is Using Al Qaeda Now in Syria

By all accounts, including admissions by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Osama Bin Laden’s organization that would become Al Qaeda was created by the West during the Soviet-Afghan war in in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s. The US and Saudi funding of these militants did not begin after the Soviet invasion, but actually several years before the invasion. US intervention in Afghanistan by training and arming Afghanistan’s Mujaheddin, along with Osama Bin Laden’s Arab fighters, is one of the leading factors that led to the murderous and protracted decade-long war, according to the Nation in an article titled, «Blowback, the Prequel

Photo: Former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski meeting with Osama Bin Laden, then leading the CIA’s Arab legionaries in Afghanistan. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda would later spin off into regional terrorist organizations, covertly armed, trained, and protected by the CIA to this day, including LIFG in Libya, MEK in Iraq and Iran, and Baluchi terrorists in Pakistan.


Since then, Al Qaeda has conveniently provided both a well-armed, capable proxy force, as well as a sufficiently terrifying boogeyman, giving Wall Street and London access to nations it could otherwise never justify intervening in.

The very militant leader of the «Tripoli Brigade» who secured Libya’s capital just in time for US dignitaries to visit, was Abdul Hakim Belhaj, commander of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed on the US State Department’s roster of «Foreign Terrorist Organizations» (#28). In fact, several reports out of West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) illustrated how not only LIFG was actively leading NATO-backed regime change in Libya, but was involved in fighting Western troops and locals in both Afghanistan and Iraq – disrupting legitimate resistance, and providing a continuous pretext to maintain Western occupation.

That Belhaj almost immediately after overthrowing Libya’s government, began organizing operations to bring in fighters, weapons, and cash to Syria, indicates that, just as Al Qaeda was used from its very inception by the US and Saudis to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, it is still a valuable tool in executing Western foreign policy.

Essentially, the so-called «War on Terror» is a fraud, the belligerents on both sides fueled by the West as a means of establishing military, economic, and political hegemony in otherwise unapproachable targeted nations. When Al Qaeda cannot sufficiently overrun a targeted nation as a proxy «foreign legion» of Western interests (Libya), its presence, facilitated by the West in the first place, is then cited as a «casus belli» for military intervention (Afghanistan).

Now, it appears that the West’s Arab «foreign legion,» Al Qaeda, is about to suffer an unprecedented defeat – not at the hands of Western anti-terrorism forces, but at the hands of Syrian troops in the city of Aleppo. In a desperate effort to prevent this, the West is employing a series of desperate strategies ranging from portraying the trapped foreign-fighters committing atrocities inside Aleppo as «pending a certain massacre,» to using the very presence of these foreign-fighters as evidence «Al Qaeada» is operating in Syria and must be «stopped» by Western intervention.

It is essential to understand that, as empires have always done, the monolithic corporate-financier interests of the West seek regional hegemony as a step toward global domination, and will say and do anything in order to achieve it. As resistance increases, the West’s lies become more difficult to sell, the consistency of their propaganda overtly crumbling. The West, in nearly a single breath, has now claimed FSA fighters are both «Al Qaeda» that need to be eliminated, while also impeding a «massacre» by Syrian forces if something isn’t done to save them.

When US President Obama referred to the «depths of depravity» regarding Syrian security operations in Aleppo, he and his script writers do so with the belief that Americans, and the world, are ignorant and disinterested in the truth, and will gladly allow Western foreign policy to once again prey on their emotions and good intentions to sell yet another destructive, self-serving military intervention.

μέσω Land Destroyer: US Treasury: Al Qaeda Runs Syrian «Rebellion».

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Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels — RT

Posted by satyrikon στο 25 Ιουνίου, 2012

Members of the Free Syrian Army walk as they carry RPGs at Bab Al Hawa in outskirts of Idlib, near the Syrian-Turkey border (Reuters / Str)

Members of the Free Syrian Army walk as they carry RPGs at Bab Al Hawa in outskirts of Idlib, near the Syrian-Turkey border (Reuters / Str)

American secret service operatives are distributing illegal assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition to Syrian opposition, the New York Times reports. But due to some rebels’ links to Al Qaeda, the CIA’s task is precarious.

­The paper reports that for weeks now, officers based in southeast Turkey have supervised the flow of illegal arms to numerous opposition factions ready to fight the regime of President Bashar Assad. The only problem is some of the rebel groups have links with terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, so the CIA mission must be careful not to arm proven terrorists by mistake.

Arms and ammunition are being brought into Syria mainly over the Turkish border with the help of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood network and other groups, the report says. Expenses are being shared by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The NYT source, an unnamed Arab intelligence official, revealed that American officers are also collecting information on Syrian opposition groups and recruiting informants among their ranks. The source said the Obama administration is considering sharing its intelligence data, such as satellite images and detailed information on the location and maneuvers of Syrian troops.

According to the source, CIA operatives might be helping the rebels with organizing a rudimentary intelligence organization. The CIA agents have reportedly not set foot on Syrian soil, however.

While, it seems, supplying Syrian opposition with arms, the US would like to see Syria’s allies, Russia in the first place, stop supplying weapons to the regime of President Bashar Assad. Washington has expressed concern with Russia performing maintenance of Syrian Mi-25 assault helicopters.

Moscow has consistently denied supplying to Damascus any types of assault weapons that can be used against armed rebels. Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the country has only supplied Syria with defensive capabilities such as anti-air missile systems.

Russia is not violating any international sanctions against Syria, and Moscow has declared it will not cease military cooperation with Damascus.

Prior to the report about CIA officers operating on the Turkish-Syrian border, the Obama administration’s declared policy on the conflict in Syria centered on diplomacy and humanitarian aid. The State Department has reportedly allocated $15 million in medical supplies and communication equipment for armed opposition groups in Syria.

In the meantime it seems the Pentagon is considering various options for interference in the Syrian conflict, including establishing no-fly zones over the country, as was done in Libya a year ago.

American and Israeli generals are also concerned with securing alleged stockpiles of Syrian chemical weapons, the very existence of which has never been proven.

Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels — RT.

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