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Albanian extremist groups cause reaction in Greece | Serbianna Analysis

Posted by satyrikon στο 2 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2012

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Sov...

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Soviet Army. It fires the 7.62x39mm M43 round. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sep 2, 2012

Ioannis Michaletos Balkanalysis Editors and Contributors Ioannis Michaletos

By Ioannnis Michaletos

Since 2010 and the beginning of the Greek debt crisis which has resulted in an outright economic depression in the country, the Greek security services have investigated around the potential of extremist groups, in this particular case, Albanian ones; taking advantage of the situation for either criminal or nationalistic purposes. The research has provided data of increased importation of armaments into the country, as well as, the formation of close-knit potential extremist groups within the Greek territory that are for the moment in communication with other cells in Albania and elsewhere.
In late August 2012, a video that briefly aired on YouTube showed a band of around 5 Albanians in a mountainous location near Kukes in Albania, firing against a Greek flag with AK-47 (Chinese type) and issuing threats for mass assassinations of Greek citizens, as well as arsons. Incidentally, there were several arson cases in Greek forests during the summer period, and also in FYROM and Serbia and a number of local pundits blamed -amongst other- Albanian extremist groups as responsible for such illicit actions.

The video where the Albanian group was firing rounds with Kalashnikov was clad in paramilitary summer uniforms, with the insignia of the “SS”, a reminder of the 21st Waffen – Gebirgs – Division der SS Skanderbeg that was established in April 1944. Forensic security analysts in Greece have assured that this video was made for the purposes of “psychological warfare” and should be related with the inner workings of Neo-Nazi Albanian tendencies of extremist groups that are scattered between Albania, Kosovo and FYROM.

In Greece, a group of Albanians residing in the Kalavryta region of North-Western Peloponnese and in the Menidi outskirt of Athens reposted the video through their Facebook accounts. Subsequent investigation by the Greek state security revealed that the group was in the process of evolving into an extremist one as well, by mimicking the Neo Nazi tendencies of those in the original video. Scores of photo material was confiscated and one person was deported for being without legal documentation in the country. What’s most important though is that a wide-scale mobilization in the security forces was enacted in order to disband other groups before they became a threat in terms of social stability.

Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

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EU Gives WikiLeaks Propaganda About Chemical Weapons in Syria

Posted by satyrikon στο 30 Ιουλίου, 2012

Susanne Posel

July 30, 2012

Members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are not just tied to al-Qaeda, the CIA-funded fake Islamic terrorist group, they ARE al-Qaeda. In a video of members of the FSA, these men are brandishing AK-47s provided to them by the CIA and have al-Qaeda flags flying in the background.

Al-Qaeda has been used by the US government in insurgent recruitment and in destabilizing Middle Eastern governments. The new recruits, being trained by the CIA in Turkey, then being allocated to the FSA and being used to destroy the Syrian government are directly tied to al-Qaeda. In the mainstream media, al-Qaeda is still touted as a separate terrorist organization with no ties to the US government.

Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, is now decrying that his involvement in assisting the CIA has created a backlash of violence in his own country and compromised their national security.

Erdogan is reluctant to continue to cooperate with CIA training facilities that create more “troops” for the FSA who are released into Syria through the Turkish border. The further involvement of Turkey in attempting to “handover Assad” to the US government through the use of fake terrorist organizations is causing a Kurdish outcry while military training camps are turning out “a good number of Kurds” who have been taught how to covertly support the US and Israel movement toward forced regime change in Syria.

Abu Thuha (a pseudonym) is an al-Qaeda operative who claims that “we have experience now fighting the Americans, and more experience now with the Syrian revolution. Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic state for all Muslims, and then announce our war against Iran and Israel, and free Palestine.”

The terrorist activity in Syria has been directly committed by oppositional groups that are being controlled and directed by the US government in order to facilitate internal conflict, says a study by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Joseph Holiday, analyst for the ISW, who studies the influence al-Qaeda has had on the Arab Spring, asserts: “The emergence of Al Qaeda-linked terrorist cells working against the regime poses risks to the United States and a challenge to those calling for material support of the armed opposition. It’s something to keep an eye out for, the convergence of Iraq and Syria. As the Syrian government loses the ability to project force on the periphery of its territory, what you’re going to see is an emboldened Sunni opposition emerging in Nineveh and Iraq.”

Daniel Byman, a professor and counterterrorism expert at Georgetown University as well as a fellow of the Brookings Institute, says that it is obvious that al-Qaeda is becoming more active in Syria. This terrorist organization was used by the US government in Somalia and Mali, and before that in Chechnya and Yemen, and the group is currently trying to turn a local conflict to its advantage. “There’s no question Al Qaeda wants to do that, and they are actually pretty good at this sort of thing,” said Byman. “They’ve done well at taking a local conflict” and taking it global. “They learned a lot from Iraq,” he remarks. “They even write about this — they say, ‘We got on the wrong side of the locals.’ ”

Along with use of fake terrorist groups, Syria is being accosted with false claims of chemical weapons which are being tied to Iran by the US government and Israel. Documents provided by the European Union are being used to support the WMDs false flag. The EU says they provided the technical assistance and equipment as well as $14.2 million to the Syrian Ministry of Industry in 2010. The EU says that now these procurements are being used to create a chemical weapon’s program.

An EU spokesperson says that the money they gave Syria was supposed to be allocated to safety standards for products and laboratories, but now they believe it has been used to create chemical weapons.

James Quinlivan, senior operations research analyst at the RAND Corporation, a globalist front for Elite agendas, claims that “calibration is a big deal for these things. While mustard [gas] lasts amazingly well, nerve agents do not. For nerve gases, particularly sarin, retention relies on purity, and this must be tested.”

WikiLeaks have been working with the US State Department in framing Iran and Syria, as the website has built a following and reputation as being an exposer of wrong-doings by governments. Yet, the WikiLeaks phenomena is also created and controlled by the US government and only “leaks” information that is useful to the US government’s agendas and strategies overseas.

The so-called “Syrian Files” were nothing more than propaganda planted by the US government in conjunction with Julian Assange to divert attention, create false claims against Syria and promote the coming military strike against Syria.

Surfacing just in time to prove that Syria has WMDs is a 2006 communication that was supposedly confidential which claims Syria and Iran are working together to develop 5 new chemical weapons plants; in particular that Syria has new sites that are fronts for manufacturing facilities.

This time the global Elite are not just claiming that the “enemy” has WMDs, they are planting the evidence so that the debacle that faced former President George W Bush with Iraq’s non-existent WMDs will not be an issue.

According to the falsified documents provided by WikiLeaks, a US diplomat states: “Iran would provide the construction design and equipment to annually produce tens to hundreds of tons of precursors for VX, sarin, and mustard [gas]. Engineers from Iran’s DIO [Defense Industries Organization] were to visit Syria and survey locations for the plants, and construction was scheduled from the end of 2005-2006.”

A 2008 correspondence by the US State Department says that Syria has become “sophisticated in its efforts to move equipment and resources from civilian programs to weapons development.”

According to the document “the Australians believe Syria is committed to improving and expanding its program, including through testing. Syria maintains a basic indigenous capability, in contrast to other countries of concern, but maintains some dependence on precursor imports. . . . Syria appears focused on importing precursors and precursors of precursors.”

The false flag assertion of Syrian chemical weapons is giving the international community the necessary fuel to support the US/Israeli military attack of Syria. It is being kept secret from the general public with the assistance of the MSM that the murder of Syrian civilians is being committed by the FSA under the direction of the CIA, the script being played out to keep Assad’s armies under foot with “little chance of turning defeat into victory.”

μέσω EU Gives WikiLeaks Propaganda About Chemical Weapons in Syria.

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EU plans drone network to nab illegal immigrants — RT

Posted by satyrikon στο 27 Ιουλίου, 2012

Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

The European Commission had released a proposal to deploy drones across the Mediterranean Sea to catch illegal immigrants. The surveillance effort is part of a $410 million package to bolster EU border security.

Dubbed EUROSUR, the project proposes the use of drones, high-resolution cameras, satellites and spy planes to detect migrant vessels at sea.

EUROSUR’s stated aim is to reduce the number of migrants reaching the Schengen area undetected, preventing cross-border crime and reducing immigrant fatalities. The project has yet to be officially debated in the European Parliament and Council, but some proponents of the project are pushing for it to be implemented as early as next year.

One to three million people immigrate to EU annually, and last year’s uprisings in North Africa increased the flow of immigrants to EU, with thousands attempting to cross the region’s borders. The Mediterranean is one of the central hubs for illegal immigration: Europa Press reported that 1,037 migrants on board 44 boats have been detected arriving on the Andalusian coast from 1 January 2012 to 9 July 2012 alone. With this influx in immigration, death rates have also spiked.

The UN Refugee Agency recently reported that 1500 people “drowned or went missing last year [2011] while attempting crossings of the Mediterranean Sea.” This year’s death toll has already reached 170. Earlier this month, an inflatable boat miles off the Italian coast sunk killing 54 Eritreans fleeing their country. In May, 20 were presumed dead when a small boat sank after striking a coral reef just off the French island of Mayotte.

The proposal assures that it will save migrants’ lives by detecting them at sea. “EUROSUR will help detect and fight criminal networks’ activities and be a crucial tool for saving migrants who put their lives at risk trying to reach EU shores,” said Cecilia Malmström, the EU’s Commissioner for Home Affairs.

However, many academics and thinktanks fear this unprecedented increase in surveillance and collection of personal data, and the murky potential uses of the gathered intel.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, a green thinktank in Germany, expressed concern in its assessment of the costs and civil rights implications of EUROSUR. The thinktank argues that the project “is likely to entail the creation of at least one centralized EU database containing biometric data, to which currently unknown number of actors could have access.”

The European Commission assures that there is no chance for abuse with EUROSUR. “The situational pictures will, as a general rule, not involve personal data but rather the exchange of information on incidents and depersonalized objects, such as the detection and tracking of vessels,” the Commission’s proposal states.

Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether this data will be stored indefinitely or deleted after a set period of time. Another concern with EUROSUR is that it will enable authorities to spot immigrants’ preparatory activities on the ground, such as a gathering of vehicles or boats on African beaches.

Critics of the plan argue that EUROSUR is a preemptive measure designed to solve the problem of illegal immigration before it reaches EU shores, rather than lowering death rates and providing humanitarian assistance.

“Drones are very expensive and they don’t help,” German member of the European Parliament Ska Keller told Global Post. “Even if a drone detects a vessel, it can’t do anything for them. You need to have actual people there, and having a drone doesn’t guarantee that.”

One possible unintended consequence of EUROSUR is that some refugees seeking asylum from their native countries could be prevented from reaching the EU.

“It’s horrendously expensive and the benefits aren’t clear,” said Keller. In her opinion, the money would be better spent on search and rescue teams: “We should save money in an economic crisis, not spend it on something with no clear benefit apart from to the defense industry.”

μέσω EU plans drone network to nab illegal immigrants — RT.

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Greek defense minister threatened to «deafening noise of the military»-Griechischer Verteidigungsminister droht mit „ohrenbetäubendem Lärm des Militärs“ | DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFTS NACHRICHTEN

Posted by satyrikon στο 17 Ιουνίου, 2012

A little sense of history Greek academics feel in the current situation in Weimar in the thirties, recalls. Even then, the democracy was presented as a highly immature event.

General Frangoulis Fragos besucht seine Truppen. Noch ist er einige Tage Verteidigungsminister und läßt die Muskeln spielen. (Foto: militaryphotos.net)

General Frangoulis Fragos visited his troops. He still has a few days can play defense and the muscles. (Photo: militaryphotos.net)

And even then not all understood, which is what democracy is. It is not surprising that the military can play a few days before the election, the muscles. So far they had kept quite in the background. But now the defense minister suggested in the interim government, the retired general and former chief of land forces, Frangoulis Fragos, at a ceremony in Marasia in northeastern Greece on, will the military look only to a certain degree of chaos. Fragos said: «I hope that democracy works. I will pass my mandate directly to the then elected new secretary of defense. But I’ll also want to say one more thing: Do not doubt the capacity of the Greek army. I repeat: The Army holds back. But there is a strong, silent power that will make a deafening noise, should this be necessary. «

Most Greeks attach such threats no special meaning. You know that the army is at least weakened by the recession like the rest of the country. They certainly are not, however: you can never trust the military, say observers. The presence of Fragos calls the Greeks certainly the unpleasant fact in mind that military coups represent a constant in recent Greek history. It is hoped, however, still a majority that the «peace project €» if not prosperity should have, at least brought a touch more of civilization in the cradle of democracy.


Griechischer Verteidigungsminister droht mit „ohrenbetäubendem Lärm des Militärs“ | DEUTSCHE WIRTSCHAFTS NACHRICHTEN.

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Posted by satyrikon στο 1 Δεκεμβρίου, 2010

European Students Fight Governments and Banks

[Image]A student, wearing a mask, reading: ‘I was cut,’ protests in front of the Italian Lower House in Rome on November 25, 2010. Students from several cities protest against the government’s proposed reform of the university system and budget cuts that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government has engaged to carry out by 2013. Students are outraged over cuts of around nine billion euros (12 billion US dollars) and 130,000 jobs in the education system. Getty [Image]Students demonstrate in Buchanan Street on November 24, 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland. Protests are taking place across the UK over higher tuition fees and the recent government budget cuts. A student march earlier in the month saw violent scenes as protestors occupied the Conservative Party headquarters in London. Getty Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »

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Posted by satyrikon στο 22 Φεβρουαρίου, 2010


Rothschild’s Secret «Solution» to Greek «Problem»

February 18, 2010

by Jean D’Eau in Budapest

(for Henrymakow.com)

A friend of mine who is a now a disilusioned high ranking member of the Jewish Freemasonry in Budapest has told me what is coming regarding the Greek crisis.

Greece was chosen to play the role of the European Union bankrupt member state in order to «create» the big problem to which the European Union is going to «find» the «solution» soon. Greece was chosen because it symbolizes Europe (nobody in Europe cares about countries like Hungary or Estonia) and because its economy was relatively easy to devastate after it renounced its own currency.

The European «elites» are using Greece to persuade the sheeple that if the Greek problem is not fixed,  Southern Europe will go bankrupt which will trigger the collapse of the whole European financial system and thus the bankruptcy of the whole European economy.

The «problem» is that the so-called Eurozone (where the euro currency replaced the national currencies) is doomed to collapse since the Southern European states (as well as the Eastern ones) cannot sustain their economy if they are no longer in position to devalue their own currency in order to boost export and tourism (they are now sucked to the euro currency.)

That’s where corrupt globalist politicians played their role in weakening their own economy by every means but the current «global recession» triggered by the international Khazar bankers was the main part of the plan to bring the Southern and Eastern European economies to a breaking point as well as to weaken the US economy and collapse the Chinese, Indian and Russian economies.

The «only solution» soon to be proposed soon by the EU is to suppress the national fiscal and budgetary policies in Europe and have a centralized European budget. All European states will have to send most of their tax money to a central European government and the national budgets will be established by this central government too.

It is going to be a bit more complicated but it will mean that the European national governments will cease to exist. In parallel, the European Union is already announcing the «necessary» creation of a big European Army to match the predominant military power of the US in the NATO.

As you already know, the international bankers are indeed mainly European bankers (Rothschild and co.) and these are the real brains behind the man-made global recession (just as they are behind the «global warming» scam.)

Thus the European «elites» are now on the way to becoming more powerful than the traditional US «elites». All they need is to make the European Union a real superstate (centralized taxation and budgetary policy) with a real super army (the coming European Army.) Then, the US «elites» will be forced to merge the US into the EU and not the opposite as they would like.

The resulting «UNION» (this is the projected label) would be an empire ruled by the money powers whose ancestor ruled the Khazar empire at that time. If anybody still believes that the «Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion» is a fake, wait until the plan above is fulfilled and they will wake up in an «Elders of Zion» world. Unless of course America, China or Russia can stop the raise of the new Khazar empire.

——–A Word About Gold-

In case you bought gold to ensure your savings, be careful because the same freemason friend of mine told me gold is just another scam to liquidate middle class wealth. The gold price will raise for a while and when enough middle class people in the West have put enough money in it, you-know-who will crash its price in order to destroy the money trapped in it.  My friend told me it could happen this year but anyway during the coming two or max. three years. I don`t know if this is true, but as I myself have bought some gold, I am prepared to react quickly.


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